Welcome to the Grille

Welcome to the Grille!

The Grille at Lost Plantation

The Grille at Lost Plantation

One of Rincon’s little known pleasures can be found enjoying a lunch at the Lost Plantation Golf Club Grille, located in the Clubhouse at 1 Clubhouse Dr. in Rincon. The dining room overlooks the number 1 and number 10 tee box. For a lunch date, business date or just quite meal, let the grille’s full service kitchen with a good selection of beer and wine provide you with a better lunch experience. Open Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm and weekends from 7:30am to 5pm., catering to our golfers as well as the general public. Many customers like having lunch on the patio where they can enjoy fresh air and the changing seasons.

All of our menu items are made to order and made the way you want it! There are three menu favorites of our customers. First our quarter pound all beef hotdog dressed the way you like it! Our hotdogs come in completely raw and we cook them to perfection on our flat top grille. Second in line is our chicken salad sandwich. We have a variety of breads to choose from and we think it is best toasted and served with lettuce and tomato. Our chicken salad is a house recipe and made here on site always fresh and with the best ingredients! Last but not least is our Hamburger!! These beauties are one third of a pound of beef cooked to order on our flat top grille and made the way you want it! Throw in some French fries and a fountain soda or our homemade sweet tea for the perfect lunch! Our menu items includes a club sandwich, chef salad, chicken fingers, quesadilla’s, and more!

Something new is dinner at Lost Plantation. We will be hosting a thanksgiving dinner on Friday November 20th. This will be a special menu. Reservations and dinner times can be made by calling 912-826-2092.

The Grille is a great place to come out and relax, eat lunch, and have some fellowship, even if you don’t golf. Join us for lunch and let Tabi, our grille manager, and her great staff serve you.


See you at the Grille at Lost Plantation Golf Club,

Wesley Corbitt
City Manager

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