Daniel wins in bid to return to city council

Daniel wins in bid to return to city council

By Patrick Donahue Editor pdonahue@effinghamherald.net 912-826-5012
March 2, 2016 12:13 p.m.

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Ann Daniel will return to a seat on Rincon City Council, having outpolled former city council member Leon Zipperer in a special election Tuesday.

Daniel garnered 316 votes to Zipperer’s 242 in their respective quests to fill the seat left open when Scott Morgan resigned from council in December.

“I am ready to go back on council,” she said.

Recent foot surgery kept Daniel from getting around and campaigning as much as she wanted.

“It was a close race,” she said. “I’m really honored the people have elected me.”

Zipperer is the city’s representative on the Effingham County Industrial Development Authority. Had he won, he would have been forced to relinquish his seat on that board.

In the city’s last regular election, held in November 2013, there were 678 votes cast, with voters getting to vote for three city council candidates. There were 479 votes cast Tuesday.

No election was held in November since there was no opposition for the council members running.

“I’m really thankful for all the voters who came out,” Daniel said. “This is a large number for a special election.”

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