Retail is Growth in Rincon!

We are thrilled with the new Kroger Marketplace that is expected to open May 2016 and the Kroger fueling center. Kroger is also constructing an adjoining shopping plaza with nine units that we are told are already filling up. In addition, Kroger is also providing some much needed improvement to Highway 21, from Ft. Howard Road to Prosperity Drive at the Walmart entrance, which will provide for more efficient traffic flow. We estimate that the new and additional retail business will provide more than $30 million in retail sales. The additional sales will generate more than $900,000, annually in local sales tax for our county and cities why not try here.

Chick-fil-A is also coming soon. Though we do not have a definite date for construction, they have purchased land and we are told this store will be one of the largest built by Chick-fil-A. The road improvement to Highway 21 will most likely need to be completed before they can begin construction. Look to eat at Chick-fil-A in Rincon sometime in 2016.

In addition the City has contracted with Retail Strategies, a professional consulting firm with retail contacts, to actively seek other major retailers to locate in our City. Our hope is to provide a commercial center that will provide for the majority of our retail needs and wants. Retail Strategies is particularly seeking restaurants, entertainment, sports, and other retail businesses that will enhance our community’s shopping experience, and avoid the need to travel to other communities.

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