William Exley Smith Named Rincon City Manager

William Exley Smith chosen as Rincon City Manager
By Zack Lee
POSTED: September 22, 2016 2:52 p.m.
Effingham Herald
Photo provided by Carlton Fletcher/Albany Herald

In a called meeting of the Rincon City Council Monday night, William Exley Smith was chosen over current interim City Manager, Wanda Simmons, to serve the position permanently.

Council members Reese Browher, Christi Ricker and Paul Wendelken voted against the motion to select Smith as City Manager with council members Levi Scott, James Dasher and Ann Daniel voting in favor of the motion.

Because of the split vote, Mayor Ken Lee provided the decisive vote and the motion to employ and hire Smith carried.

Councilmember Browher stated that Simmons was the most qualified candidate to represent the citizens of Rincon and that she had done a good job as Interim City Manager. Browher also stated that Smith is an unknown quantity and has never been a city manager.

More information to come.

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