Rincon Participating in Mayors’ Christmas Motorcade

The City of Rincon

Celebrates the Mayor’s Christmas Motorcade

December 7, 2016

9:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The City of Rincon is accepting holiday gifts for patients at Georgia Regional Mental Health Hospital

Drop Off New and Unwrapped items by Dec. 5 @


Rincon City Hall – 302 S. Columbia Ave

Rincon Police Dept. – 107 W. 17th St

Rincon Recreation Dept. – 1004 Lexington Ave

Lost Plantation Golf Course – 1 Clubhouse Dr


Christmas Wishlist

No glass containers or objects with sharp edges, metal or strings.

Clothing: (M-4XL Women; M-3XL Men) Jeans or Pants, Sweaters, Shorts, Long sleeve polo shirts, Gloves, Rain coats, Ponchos, Hats, Socks/underwear/sports bras.

Personal Care Items: Shampoo/Conditioner, Body wash, Combs/brushes, Deodorant (only solids), Toothpaste, Body lotions.

Miscellaneous: Stationary/Stamps, Pens, Markers, Movies (DVD, G, PG only), Board Games (no dice), Playing Cards, Puzzles, Crossword Books

Mayor’s Christmas Motorcade:

For 57 years, cities across Georgia have brought the joy of the holiday season to patients at Georgia’s regional behavioral health hospitals through the Mayors’ Christmas Motorcade.

The program, begun by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) in cooperation with Governor Ernest Vandiver and his wife Betty Vandiver, relies on citizen participation in each city to donate gifts for the patients, many of who would not receive gifts or be recognized without the Mayors’ Christmas Motorcade. According to hospital staff, many of the patients at these hospitals have little, if any, support or contact with friends and family.

Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, nonprofit organization that provides legislative advocacy, educational, employee benefit and technical consulting services to its 520 member cities


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