EEMA Announces Safe Shelter Locations

Effingham County Emergency Management Agency

· 10 mins ·

Effingham County Local Safe Shelters
-participants must bring their own food, water, toiletries and blankets.
*Not for medical needs patients; medical needs patients that still require safe shelter should go to Effingham Hospital (459 Hwy 119 South, Springfield GA)

Opening Sunday, September 10 @ 5:00PM
Liberty Christian Fellowship
302 Church St.
Guyton, GA 31312

Opening Sunday, September 10 @ 6:00PM
Sand Hill Baptist Church
1936 Sand Hill Rd.
Guyton, GA 31312

Opening Monday, September 11 @ 8:00AM
Elam Egypt Baptist Church-Fellowship Hall
184 Fifth St.
Guyton, GA 31312

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