The biggest sources of sewer overflows and backups are rags and debris, mostly flushable wipes.

Flushable baby wipes and sani-wipes: No matter what’s on the label, “flushable” wipes do not disintegrate in water as quickly as toilet tissue does.

Municipal sewer systems where thousands of users may be using flushable wipes have a higher risk of problems.   The wipes do not break down quickly enough for the system to handle the high volumes being flushed.  Their cloth-like material block sewer lines, clog equipment and increase cities’ maintenance and repair costs.  Our sewers are designed to dispose of very specific things.  Using your toilet for disposal of many modern products can result in pipe blockages.


Avoid Drain Pain – Don’t Flush These Things:

Baby Wipes                                                    Personal hygiene products         

Cleaning Wipes                                              Paper towels

Rags                                                                Dental floss

Disposable Diapers                                        Cotton balls/Q-tips

Facial Wipes                                                   Used bandages

Grease                                                                        Toys

Hair                                                                Medication

Birth Control items

Remember the Three P’s: Pee, Poop, and Paper (Toilet Paper, that is.)

Human waste and toilet tissue are the only products the wastewater system was designed to handle. As a City of Rincon resident this affects you because continued abuse of our sewer system contributes to system failures and increased operation and maintenance costs.

Don’t be Greasy!  Please do not pour kitchen grease down the sink or into the toilet.  Grease restricts the waste water flowing through the pipes and will clog the sewer system.  Tip: All dishes should be wiped out with paper towels before washing dishes. Grease comes in many different forms (butter, veggie and peanut oils, etc.)

With everyone’s help the City of Rincon can limit the number of sewer overflows and back-ups due to blockages in the system thereby eliminating the need for costly clean-ups and possible contamination of our waterways and endangerment of public health.

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