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Lost Plantation Golf Course RFQ

Whether you are new to the city of Rincon or have lived here most of your life, you still may not be aware of a hidden gem, owned and operated by the City of Rincon. The Lost Plantation Municipal Golf Course is a high quality, affordable, 18-hole golf course just off Ft. Howard Road in the Lost Plantation community. More than 16,000 rounds of golf are played each year at Lost Plantation and it is host to numerous tournaments and special events year-round. The facility also features a grill, driving range and clubhouse – all open to the public.

As with the many recreational facilities in the city of Rincon, the city must subsidize some of the operational costs of the Golf Course and facilities.

Over the last several years, the City has been challenged with the ongoing investments necessary to market, maintain and improve the Course and facilities to retain the Course’s competitive advantage.

In September of 2018, the National Golf Foundation Consulting, Inc. (NGF) provided an assessment of the Course and recommendations for solutions to these pressing challenges. Their findings indicated that the current lean operating and capital budget for the Lost Plantation Municipal Golf Course does not provide a sustainable long-term strategy. The facility and property will deteriorate without capital improvements, strong management and marketing. The challenges will get worse without a plan.

After much consideration and based on the recommendations of NGF, the city has made the decision to explore leasing the golf course to an outside entity in order for the Course to continue to be an asset to our community.

The City of Rincon has initiated the bidding process for the lease. The deadline for bids was March 29th. The city will review the bids, meet with the homeowners’ associations and answer any questions from the community. A decision on whether or not to accept a bid will be made by our City Council. The City reserves the right to reject all bids.

The City of Rincon is committed to finding the best possible solution while continuing the legacy of the Lost Plantation Municipal Golf Club as a unique and attractive asset in our community.


Has the decision been made to accept a bid to lease the Golf Course?

No. Bids were turned in on March 29th. The City reserves the right not to accept any of the bids to lease the Lost Plantation Municipal Club.

What will this mean for the golf course and community?

Prior to acceptance and commencement of the lease, the prospective lessee will work with the city and the surrounding communities to address any concerns or issues surrounding the lease.

How will this new lease impact theresidential communities surrounding the Golf Course?

It is in the best interest of the lessee and the City for the surrounding communities and city residents to support the golf course and to work with the lessee to see that the Course is maintained and is successful well into the future.

The lessee will have no rights to regulate or interfere with the operations of the Homeowner’s Associations or with the residents living around the Golf Course.

Will there be any oversight of how the golf course is operated under the new lease?

The City will maintain oversight of all administration and terms and agreements of the lease. The City will ensure ongoing compliance with the agreement. The lessee must obtain prior approval for any major modifications to the facility or property.

How will the City ensure that the property doesn’t go downhill after it is leased?

The lessee would agree to maintain buildings, infrastructure, fairways, putting surfaces, tee boxes and other property in at least the current condition, but with a goal for improvements. The lessee must provide the outline of a detailed business operations plan for future operations to include:

  • Staffing plan – plan for existing staff
  • Marketing and promotion plan
  • Player development plans
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Pro Shop operations
  • Maintenance and Clubhouse equipment plan