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Fire Department

Rincon Fire Department received a class 2 ISO status!

Rincon residents benefit from the best-equipped fire department in the county, providing service from four fire house locations at W. 17th Street, Ebenezer Road, Goshen Road, and Blue Jay Road.

With an ISO rating of 2, outstanding response times and well-qualified volunteers make the Rincon Fire Department second to none. You can also contact the Fire Department for information on insurance ratings by calling 912-826-5022. For fire emergencies, dial 911.

What is the reward for citizens in Rincon’s Fire District?

1. Quicker response time to victims of an accident, fire or other emergency situations.
2. Greater response in personnel to your fire call. Many can control a fire better that a few.
3. Better preparedness in our community for any disaster, natural or other.
4. Lower insurance premiums, saving residents and businesses $100 annually, due to our low ISO rating.

                                                              City of Rincon Fire Fees

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Fire Department