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Public Works

Water, Sewer, & Garbage

The City of Rincon provides water, sewer and garbage services for its residents. For rates, usage types and other important information on these services, simply select from the information listed below.

To pay by phone dial 833-201-5692.  You will need your account number.  

Report a Street Light Outage 

City of Rincon

Public Notice

The City of Rincon will begin disinfecting the drinking water with chloramines, beginning on April 15, 2011, at midnight. Utility systems have used chloramines for decades because of their lack of taste and odor, their ability to last in the distribution system, and their excellent disinfection properties. Chloramines are highly effective in reducing disease-causing organisms that can be carried in drinking water. Water disinfected with chloramines is safe for bathing, drinking, cooking, and all everyday uses.

Please note that chloramines cannot be used in aquariums or in kidney dialysis machines. Chloramines, like chlorine, must be removed from water that goes into kidney dialysis machines or fish tanks. Those utilizing dialysis machines should contact their medical professional for further information. Pet stores can provide aquarium owners with a dechloraminating chemical or a granular activated carbon filter to remove chloramines effectively from fish tanks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact City Hall at (912) 826-5745.